Christmas Reads

Firstly: Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate!) everyone!

I don’t usually read holiday-appropriate books, but this year I have two perfect books for Christmas!

Christmas Reads

They are Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot’s Christmas and Haruki Murakami’s 羊男のクリスマス (‘The Sheep Man’s Christmas’).

A good Agatha Christie murder mystery is always welcome, of course. This specific book we picked as our Christmas Read with my book club Sparrow & Nightingale. I just finished it (within a day, courtesy of the free time Christmas offers) and loved it. The story takes place during Christmas – specifically from December 22 until 28 – with a family coming together to celebrate the holidays. But of course there’s more to the situation than that..!

The second book I picked up in Japan last month. I’m a big Murakami fan and want to read as much of his as possible. Not everything (actually, most isn’t) is translated so during my trip I specifically looked for some of his untranslated fiction to read in Japanese. I stuck with illustrated works, because who can resist those really? One of them was ‘The Sheep Man’s Christmas’. Sheep Man is a character from a bunch of Murakami’s other works, A Wild Sheep Chase being the most famous. I found a translation of The Sheep Man’s Christmas here (sadly without Maki Sasaki’s lovely illustrations). I’m saving the book for Christmas day tomorrow!

Are you reading holiday/Christmas related books this year?


  1. Thank you for this link to the Murakami translation! I just checked out your blog after you registered for my challenge, so this is a very unexpected Christmas present 🙂 As you can see from my main blog (Tony’s Reading List), I’m a big Murakami fan…

    • C.

      You’re welcome! Enjoy the story 😀 I’m halfway and it’s great and very Murakami-esque haha. I checked out your blog earlier (when I found the challenge) and I noticed yes 🙂 Also that you’re very much into Japanese literature (obviously, seeing you started the challenge haha)! Always great to meet more people who like Japanese literature!

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