Aaaaaand it’s back!

Hello everyone! Well, looks like I am reviving this blog!

I’ve taken some time to rework the lay-out and am quite satisfied with it (click here if you’re reading from an RSS reader!)

Content-wise I’ve decided to keep most book related posts – the reviews and reading challenges and such.

I am branching out however! I realised I don’t necessarily want to stop talking about books, but I do want to start talking about all the other things I love. More about language learning, more about all kinds of pop culture, more about the trazillion other (mostly geeky) things and projects that I occupy myself with on a daily basis.

Don’t expect too many posts too often. I am going the Slow Blogging way! I just really want to share the things I am excited about with you, and see where that leads me. In the near future I will also be working on making all content more easy to find, as well as making this blog more accessible.

Last but not least, I will be taking requests again. Anything you want me to try out and talk about? Be it books, podcasts, apps, etc etc. If you think I’ll be interested, give it a shot and contact me!

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