2016 Reading Stats & Favourites

Okay this is embarrassing. This post has been in my drafts since… well, 2016. And now it’s suddenly March. Anyway, time to look back on 2016, and give you some statistics as well!

I have no idea how I feel about 2016. My year started out horribly, so the only way was up. Minus the first few months, 2016 was a good year for me personally, with plenty of traveling and stability in my professional life. But beyond that, 2016 was rather crap wasn’t it? Politically (but I won’t go into that) as well as seeing all my favourite celebrities pass away, mostly unexpectedly, at ages far too young…

While I won’t say I was angry at the world, I did often give the world the middle finger and stood firmly for what I believe in. One big fuck you was given through my reading. As my personal revenge on the world, this year I have been reading almost exclusively books by and about women, LGBTQIA+ and PoC. When I was reading all the ‘official’ end-of-year lists by the big media, I regretted this not a bit. All lists, both international as well as national, are dominated by white men. I swear, I have yet to encounter a ‘big’ list that is made up of more than 30% women, for starters. How completely unimaginative and lazy. Fuck that.

Anyway! As every year, I set out to read 52 books and was already far ahead early in the year. My reading slowed down in the last quarter of the year as I was just too busy (busy having fun, mostly, no complaining there!). I still ended up reading 77 books.

This is what Goodreads looks like for 2016:

You can see all the books I read in 2016 here, or you can take a look at my Goodreads Year in Books.

And here are my reading stats for 2016:

2016 Reading Stats

Total # of books read: 77

2015: 63
2014: 87
2013: 53
2012: 59
2011: 21

I’m quite pleased, although 2016 included a lot of short stories, which feels like cheating… But whatever 😉

By genre…

I won’t go into each and every genre I read, but as for my go-to genres… (there is some overlap between the genres!)
Classics: 14 (was 8 in 2015)
Fantasy: 14 (was 21 in 2015)
Japanese literature: 16 (was 16 in 2015)
LGBT+: 23 (was 17 in 2015)
Science fiction (including dystopia): 10 (was 9 in 2015)
Young adult (& children’s) 19 (was 25 in 2015)

No very significant changes compared to 2015, which is interesting!

By stars…

5 stars: 22
4 stars: 26
3 stars: 26
2 stars: 2
1 stars: 1

Pretty decent reading year, although in comparison more 3 star reads than the year before. This year my average rating was 3.8 stars, compared to 4 stars in 2015.

By gender…

# of women: 41
# of different books by women: 52
# of men: 20
# of different books by men: 27
No regrets.

Most read authors…

Queen Rowling has been overthrown, and this year the prize goes to Patrick Ness with 7 books!
The second place is a shared one between J.K. Rowling and Floortje Zwigtman, both with 4 books.
Lots of authors that I’ve read two books of, so I’ll stick with first and second place 🙂


I finished four series this year (two of which I also started this year):
Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt (duology)
Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness (trilogy of sorts)
Een Groene Bloem by Floortje Zwigtman (trilogy)
Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Liu Cixin (trilogy)


I participated in a few challenges this year, although I can’t say I was very active.
Women’s Classic Literature Event I read 11 books for this challenge, which fitted my overall goal for the year nicely!
LGBTQIA 2016 Reading Challenge 23 books! Eep!
The Classics Club Challenge As ever, I read for the Classics Club Challenge… and finished it!

And now, what you’re all here for (maybe)…

My Ten favourite books of 2016

  1. The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  2. Death’s End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #3) by Cixin Liu
  3. Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness
  4. The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery
  5. Twinkle Twinkle by Kaori Ekuni
  6. Moxyland by Lauren Beukes
  7. Een Groene Bloem series by Floortje Zwigtman
  8. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood and The Story of a Return by Marjane Satrapi
  9. Mr Norris Changes Trains by Christopher Isherwood
  10. The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall

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