Challenge Update: Goodreads Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Carola has
read 42 books toward
her goal of
52 books.

This was supposed to be my halfway-into-2016 update, but I’m late as ever. Still, I figured I’d update on my challenges. Goodreads sent me a happy e-mail a little while ago, telling me I was ahead of my challenge. Which I knew because I’m always eyeing my Goodreads challenge, haha.

I am now 42 books into 2016. My goal is 52, so I will easily make it. I have to admit I read a lot of shortish books this year, and even a few short stories. Still, I’m pretty satisfied with my reading this year so far! Without going into specifics on the other challenges I participated in (separate posts will follow later), here are a few stats for this year so far:

I’ve read 42 books with a total of 9391 pages so far. Among these, there were 10 short stories, 12 books had 300 pages or more and 18 books had 200 pages or less. I read 2 graphic novels and 4 non-fiction books. In total there are 14 5-star reads, 18 4-star reads, 7 3-star reads, 2 2-star reads, and 1 1-star read, meaning this is not a bad year for reading at all! My favourite read of 2016 is still The Color Purple by Alice Walker. My least favourite read was The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer. I am currently reading 4 books, and did not give up on any book yet so far.

My goals for this year remain the same – albeit stronger than ever: read as much LGBT+ literature, and as many books written by female authors as possible. More on that in a future post!

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