Back from Rolduc…

We’re back from Rolduc and I am reliving our adventure by looking at the hundreds of photo’s I took, with an abbey beer in my hand (I can absolutely recommend the beer at Rolduc!). We are still in the process of data collection, and with all the fragments and annotations we found (think hundreds)… Well, let’s say it is quite a bit of work!

Going through the photo’s we will most likely make more exciting discoveries. Will update on that later! My personal find so far is a manuscript book from 1652 with hymns. Manuscripts were all supposed to be moved to another location, but it seems they missed this one. I am still in the process of researching it and am excited to present it in a while! But for now:

Old books Rolduc (video)

The video is in Dutch, but it gives an idea of what we found, and how.

Bijzondere ontdekkingen bij onderzoek boeken Rolduc (Dutch only)
Onderzoekers van de Leidse universiteit hebben belangrijke ontdekkingen gedaan in de omslagen van boeken bij abdij Rolduc in Kerkrade.

Zo werd onder meer een muziekstuk gevonden van bijna 700 jaar oud. Ook ontdekten ze hele grote rechtshandschriften voorzien van aantekeningen. De vijftien studenten en hun begeleiders sluiten hun onderzoek dinsdag af.

(See especially the video and radio fragments!)

The media coverage of the project is great! We also appeared in newspapers:

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