2015 Reading Stats

Ah, 2015. Definitely a year of highs and lows and very few inbetweens. The year started calmly, then I went through a period of a few months were I was exhausted and unfocused, then things got better and the last three months were great fun! I was looking forward to some quiet time during my Christmas break, to recharge and start 2016 afresh. But nope, the end of the year turned into a small nightmare with serious water damage to my home (everything fixable, thankfully, but repairs will take weeks). What a start of 2016, sigh.

As for reading, I once again set out to read 52 books. I was already halfway there in April, but soon I slowed down. In the end I did adjust my reading challenge to 60, and ended up reading 63 books (I finished 2 books on the last day of the year, hah).

This is what Goodreads looked like for 2015:

Goodreads Challenge 2015

You can see all the books I read in 2015 here, or you can take a look at my Goodreads Year in Books.

And here are my reading stats for 2015:

2015 Reading Stats

Total # of books read: 63

2014: 87
2013: 53
2012: 59
2011: 21

Didn’t read as much as in 2014, but I’m still quite pleased. I’ll probably set my 2016 challenge to 52 as usual.

By genre…

I won’t go into each and every genre I read, but as for my go-to genres… (there is some overlap between the genres!)
Classics: 8 (was 20 in 2014)
Fantasy: 21 (was 26 in 2014)
Japanese literature: 16 (was 21 in 2014)
LGBT+: 17 (was 25 in 2014)
Science fiction (including dystopia): 9 (was 19 in 2014)
Young adult (& children’s) 25 (was 30 in 2014)

The only difference with 2014 that really caught my eye was the number of classics I read, although I’m also surprised I read so little science fiction! Will have to rectify that in 2016.

By stars…

5 stars: 21
4 stars: 23
3 stars: 16
2 stars: 3
1 stars: 0

Plenty of 5 and 4 star books, so in that sense it was quite a good reading year!

By gender…

# of women: 34
# of different books by women: 37
# of men: 30
# of different books by men: 28
Not unhappy with this result! I am still actively seeking out female authors and have found so many amazing women in the past two years! I’ll definitely continue doing this next year.

Most read authors…

First place once again goes to the queen, J.K. Rowling with 7 books (including Robert Galbraith)!
The second place goes to Haruki Murakami with 3 books.
Somehow I’ve got a lot of authors this year that I read two books by, so I’ll leave it at first and second place.


I actually finished a grand total of 4 series! More or less, at least…
Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (duology)
Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox (duology)
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (reread)
Adriaan by Aline Sax (duology)

And I also started new series…
The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo (not going to finish this)
Every Day by David Levithan
Three-Body by Cixin Liu

And continued (but did not yet finish) one I started reading in 2014:
Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith


I participated in a few challenges this year, although I can’t say I was very active.
LGBT Challenge 2015 I read 17 books but I did not make a lot of posts.
TBR Pile Challenge 2015 I was quite excited when I got to 6 books… and then completely forgot about the challenge. Oops.
The Classics Club Challenge I did not participate actively, but I did read quite a few classics. I have now read 43 of 50 classics and I still have a year and a half to go. Should be able to make that, easily 🙂

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