We found treasure…!

So by now our first day of ‘treasure hunting’ in Rolduc is over. All I can say is: we found some really amazing things! Old manuscript fragments, interesting information on the provenance of the books… When you’re holding a book and a little bit of medieval handwriting peeps out..!

As today was just a ‘quick sweep’ of the three libraries in the monastery, we only have an idea of what is hidden here. I hope that by the end of tomorrow we will be able to say more about our findings..! But our findings include lithurgical manuscript pages, manuscripts on law, and fragments dating as far back as the 12th century (at least)!

For now, please keep checking the project hashtag on Twitter, as we are all actively tweeting about our findings throughout the day! #rolduc2012

And now let me give you an overview of Rolduc… and some of our findings!

The building (it’s huge)

The ceiling of the abbey church

The beautiful rococo library

And now, our findings. I promise tomorrow (if I have the chance) I will write more about what exactly we found, but here is a (very) little overview:

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