Does this book even exist..?

InOr will it even come into existence at some point in time? The English translation, I mean. It sure as hell exists in Japanese.

As a fan of Natsuo Kirino’s work, preordered this latest translation of her book In on Amazon back in 2013. I can’t remember what the listed publication date was back then, but the date has been pushed forward again and again. My order was cancelled once because the book was ‘unavailable’ (that was last year), but German Amazon still has it listed.

R is the other woman. Labelled simply with one initial, her identity in the famous 1940s novel that recounts the damage she did to her lover’s family remains shrouded in mystery. The novelist who had an illicit relationship with her, and then used her as material for his work, became a celebrated writer. But R never had the chance to give her side of the story.

Tamaki is determined to find out who R really was. A writer herself, she is working on a book about R and begins to uncover clues about the real story behind the novel – and the great tragedy of the novelist’s life. While she throws herself into her research she’s aware that her own imperfect relationships are also up for scrutiny. Her ex-lover, Seiji, is gravely ill in hospital and her reminiscences about their long affair strike echoes with the subject of her work.

In this compelling and illuminating novel, prize-winning author, Natsuo Kirino explores the themes of love and death, and the significance of fiction.

After writing my post on the Japanese Literature Challenge 9, I decided to take another look. My order for the book has been in a dark and dusty corner of my Amazon account for such a long time that I sometimes forget it exists.

Apparently its date of publication was May 7th, with a delivery time of 1-4 months (hahaha).

You can now place your bets: does this book exist or not? Will it ever be published?

One mysterious Goodreads review suggests yes, everywhere else suggests no… Nothing on her website, nothing on Harvill Secker’s (the supposed publisher) website.

I guess it adds to the mystery..!

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