“Looking Good!” Goodreads Reading Challenge Progress

So Goodreads came up with a new thing. They sent us an e-mail about our reading challenge progress and… I love it.

This is what the e-mail told me:

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Time flies and I didn’t realise we’re already this far into the year (although the weather is finally cooperating and it actually looks like spring now). At the same time, I also didn’t realise I’m nearly halfway through my challenge! How did that happen?

Admittedly I read a few shorter books, like my average number of a meagre 294 pages per book clearly shows. A few of those were novella’s and a few were Japanese short stories and for me they take as much time to read as a normal book does. And I still read quite a few big books (HP, Genocide of One, Shadow Scale).

Still, I am a grand 11 books ahead, and this gives me some leeway to pick up more time-consuming Japanese books, and some big books that I have (for whatever reason) not dared pick up until now.

On another note, my rating average so far is 3.92! Apparently I am reading a lot of good books again this year!

Are you all participating in the GR reading challenge? How are you doing?

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