I just really like bookmarks…

As a reader and book enthusiast, my all time favourite souvenir to bring home from a holiday is a bookmark. They are small and weigh nothing, but I use them all the time so they’re such a fun memory of a trip abroad 🙂 By now I have piles and piles of bookmarks. I really only go for the more sturdy ones (not the cardboard/paper ones that you have to throw out after a while).

I’ve got many different types of bookmarks, from plastic to leather, but my favourite type of bookmarks are the thin metal ones. Here’s a small showcase of my collection of metal bookmarks (and I’ll definitely keep collecting in the future!)

These two beauties are from South Korea. I never visited Korea myself but I got both of them as a gift from friends. The one on the left was my first metal bookmark (I got it years ago) and I’ve used it so often that it’s gotten completely discoloured haha (it was gold). I still love it, and it was the bookmark that inspired my collection!

These two are from Japan.

The one on the bottom is a bookmark I got in Scotland a few years ago. I love it, although I don’t use it as I should. You’re supposed to clamp it around your page but that just tears the pages, so nope. The other one I got during my last trip to China, at the Forbidden City. The yellow is see-through which is pretty cool. New favourite bookmark!

These four are from China as well. Couldn’t resist.

Do you collect bookmarks? Do you find yourself having more than you can even use? Or do you just use whatever’s at hand as a bookmark?


  1. Oh they are really nice!!! I’m only starting to appreciate bookmarks. For years I’ve been using just any piece of paper I could find as a bookmark. Recently, I got some proper cardboard bookmarks from bookshops and it made me like it. Enough that I use them on from one book to another. You make me want to buy a real heavy-duty bookmark! :))

  2. Those bookmarks are just beautiful!! I collect them too, mainly because I use them so often. Mine are mostly paper, although a few of those have nice pictures on them. I have a metal Amazing Grace bookmark that I received as a gift and I bought one in Florence that shows the Duomo. I think that’s my favourite. What a great idea for a post! I may borrow it sometime, if you don’t mind? 🙂

    ~ Cleo ~
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