Dystopia Reading Challenge

First things first, I gave brilliant years a make-over! I’m quite pleased although I kind of miss the cherry blossoms. What do you think?

Dystopia Reading ChallengeSecondly… I FINALLY decided to join Ula‘s Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014! It was about time. I love dystopia and I don’t get why I didn’t participate sooner.

I have quite a few other reading challenges going on, so I will be participating as Recruit (level 1, meaning 1 to 6 books). I am aiming for 5-6 books, but hopefully I’ll be able to read more than that!

A review for one of my favourite dystopian books – which I recently revisited – is coming up soon. I haven’t decided yet what else I’ll read for the challenge. I do want to avoid series… I have a few books in mind but – while some people categorise them as dystopia – it always remains to be seen if they actually fall under the dystopia genre. Recommendations for stand-alones are welcome! 🙂

So far, I read this year:

  1. Harmony by Project Itoh
  2. Lonely Hearts Killer by Tomoyuki Hoshino
  3. Divergent (Divergent, #1) by Veronica Roth

Ula is for this challenge also hosting the awesomest giveaway HERE, there’s still some time to check it out!


    • Thank you and thank you 😀

      So far I’ve only posted a supershort review on the two Japanese dystopian novels I read, but a proper review for one of them is coming up this week 😉

  1. Charissa

    Have you read Oryx and Crake by Margeret Atwood? It is the first in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone just fine. I ended up kind of disliking it (but definitely appreciating it!) , but it’s certainly a fascinating take on dystopian fiction.

    • Charissa

      I wasn’t planning on reading the sequels at all, or really anything else by Atwood. Now because I mentioned Oryx and Crake as a suggestion I’m drawn in and do want to read more. Oops 🙂

      • I’ll check it out 😀 Thanks for the suggestion! I absolutely adored The Handmaid’s Tale by Atwood, I definitely recommend that too as far as dystopia goes. (I also read her Penelopiad but didn’t like that at all…)

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