Japanese Literature Challenge #8

Japanese Literature Challenge 8 I’ve decided to participate in Bellezza’s Japanese Literature Challenge again. This is already the 8th edition (and the sort-of-third that I’m participating in, if I remember correctly).

During the Japanese Literature Challenge – which lasts all the way through January 2015, so no need to read heaps and heaps of J-lit at once – participants can share their reviews, submerge themselves in J-lit, and discover new authors.

I hope to be able to read more modern authors. I enjoy the classics, but my heart goes to contemporary fiction. I’d especially like to read more by female authors, of whom sadly not nearly as many books have been translated. Miyuki Miyabe, Sawako Ariyoshi, Mieko Kanai, Fumiko Enchi, Yoko Ogawa… These are certainly on my to-read list. More recommendations (also male authors, of course) are welcome!

Besides hopefully discovering some more interesting authors, I’ll also use this challenge to finally write some more reviews on Japanese literature. I consider J-lit one of my ‘specialities’, one of my go-to genres, but I don’t write nearly enough reviews on what I read (not even during January in Japan *shock*). Time for change! I might possible revisit some books I’ve read a while ago.

You can read Bellezza’s introduction post here. The archive of all reviews is here.


    • It’s a 7 month challenge, plenty of time? 😉

      I love sci-fi but I have read shockingly little Japanese sci-fi… Clearly I need to right this wrong!

      Two dystopian novels I loved were Harmony by Project Itoh (LOVED this), and Lonely Hearts Killer by Tomoyuki Hoshino. The latter is great too but quite difficult.

      Besides that, The Stories of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto has been on wishlist for a long time.

      • Thank you so much for you reply. Those three went right into my “to-read” list!

        Indeed, one book a month isn’t too much but I already planned 3 Canadian books a month + 1 book for a foreign country I didn’t read before + 2 books picked by the SF&Fantasy book club on GoodReads.
        I just don’t want to commit to the challenge since I already know I won’t read them all. :/
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  1. I tried to do this challenge once and failed miserably (was on a YA kick that time), but I’m definitely planning to read MORE J-lit as well. I recommend… Brave Story (though it wasn’t as fantastic as I hoped…) and if you haven’t read them already: Out by Natsuo Kirino and The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino (+The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama)
    Happy reading~
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    • Brave Story is on my list 😀 And aahh I love Natsuo Kirino so much, I’m eagerly waiting for her new book, In… I’ve read The Devotion of Suspect X (wasn’t crazy about it, too predictable) but I still want to read Salvation of a Saint and I heard Naoko is really good too 🙂

      Thank yooouuu <3

  2. I’m so glad that you’re joining in again, and feeling that there’s no rush to read quickly through “heaps and heaps” all at once. That would be more annoying than fun! I join you in wanting to read more female authors, too. I value your input as this is your go-to genre, and one I cherish as well.
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