Break up, make up or keep up?

This week Cayce looked at series and asked in her blog: Break up, make up or keep up? A really fun question that I decided to answer too!

On the whole, I tend to avoid series. I rarely read them back-to-back, with the only exception ever having been The Hunger Games. And as such, it sometimes takes forever for me to finish a series, as you’re going to see in this post…

Break up

Divergent Soulless

Divergent I mentioned this in my February wrap-up. It’s just too… meh. The first book did absolutely nothing for me (two-star nothing). I will live this one through the movies.

Parasol Protectorate This is not a definite break up… I liked you alright, Soulless, but I think we should part ways for now. Who knows what might happen in the future.

Make up

Name of the Wind Vampire Blood Trilogy The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making Mortal Engines

Kingkiller Chronicle I absolutely loved The Name of the Wind, but it was a slow read. At a whopping 300 extra pages (992 pages!) I’m a bit reluctant to read the second book, The Wise Man’s Fear

The Saga of Darren Shan I started reading this partly out of nostalgia but darn, I love this series. After finishing the first six books a while ago I haven’t really continued reading. And I really should. Apparently it’s only going to get better!

Fairyland I quite liked The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, nice and trippy, but something is keeping me from reading that second book that’s been on my shelf for a while now…

Mortal Engines Quartet We read Mortal Engines with my book club and then I just… forgot about these books. Interesting enough world building so I really should continue reading?

Keep up

Hitchhiker's Guide Seraphina

Hitchhiker’s Guide One book left and it’s on my tbr-shortlist. Soon…!



    • C.

      Hahahaha WORD 8D

      Yeah my issues with Parasol Protectorate are… very few, tbh. I enjoyed it, it was a fun read, but I’m not itching to continue either.

      Seraphina is amazing though! First time in a while that a fantasy series made me crave the next volume so badly 🙂 Massive bonus points for dragons (and awesome world building)!

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